Sandbox is for

Sandbox is a feature-rich abstraction layer for Minecraft.
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Why use Sandbox?

For Minecraft 1.18+

Version Agnostic
The Sandbox API is separate from minecraft allowing mods to work across versions supported by the API.
Sandbox is able to be used with existing Forge or Fabric mods.
* This does not allow Forge mods to work on Fabric, or vice-versa
Sandbox uses script sandboxes to prevent malicious actions, increasing security compared to other loaders.
Server to Client Syncing
Servers are able to send clients resources to load, allowing servers an added level of customisation.
Sandbox supports JavaScript, Python, Lua and KotlinScript.
* Compiled JVM code is supported on server-side in some implementations
VR & Controller Support
Sandbox has native Controller support in all implementations.
* VR Support is in-development
Discord Integration
Sandbox natively supports Discord game invites & rich presence on all implementations.
Open Source
All of Sandbox's Community projects are free and open source for anyone to use.

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